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Is a New Basement Floor on Your Holiday Wishlist?

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Six inspirational basement renovation ideas to help you plan your dream space.

Make this holiday season truly special for you and your loved ones. Here are six inspirational basement renovation ideas to help you plan your dream space.

Not sure what to include on your wishlist this holiday season? Consider treating yourself — and your guests — to the gift of a renovated basement complete with a new basement floor.

A renovated basement adds valuable square footage to your home, creating a versatile space that can become the backdrop for cherished holiday memories and year-round enjoyment. Not to mention: many industry experts actually consider the winter to be the best time of year to refinish a basement, with reduced demand potentially leading to cost savings and faster project completion.

From additional living spaces to vibrant entertainment hubs, here are some of the different ways to unlock the potential of your basement — and the best flooring options to bring these ideas to life.

Extra bedroom

A guest bedroom for your visitors, or perhaps a new bedroom for your teen, is a great way to maximize your basement space and increase the value of your home.

Best flooring for your basement bedroom: Carpet is typically the preferred flooring choice in bedrooms, as it’s the softest and warmest on your bare feet. If you prefer the look of hardwood, or are worried about moisture issues in your basement, consider luxury vinyl flooring, engineered hardwood, or laminate flooring. Just make sure you lay down a few rugs on any hard surfaces to keep the room nice and cozy.

Ensuite bathroom (and/or full suite)

If you have the space and budget, you can also build an ensuite bathroom — or even a full suite with a kitchen — for added comfort and resale value.

Best flooring for your basement bathroom or kitchen: Porcelain tile and ceramic tile flooring are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens because of their durability and exceptional performance with water, though sheet vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring should also be considered for the same reasons.

An ensuite bathroom can add comfort and resale value.

Wet bar

Take your holiday parties to the next level with a basement bar. Let’s be honest: any type of bar would make your basement a destination. But a wet bar in particular would be helpful for serving drinks and cleaning glasses or spills.

Best flooring for your basement wet bar: If you do opt for a wet bar, you’ll once again want to go with more of a waterproof flooring option like porcelain tile, ceramic tile, or luxury vinyl plank flooring. Though not fully waterproof, engineered hardwood and laminate flooring should also hold up well to occasional spills, especially if they’re wiped away quickly.

Wine cellar

If you’re serious about your wine collection, the basement is the perfect spot to build that wine cellar of your dreams. Basements are naturally cool and dark spaces, which are important elements to preserve the quality of the wine.

Best flooring for your basement wine cellar: Aesthetics will naturally play an important role in this decision, but you’ll also want to select a floor that helps maintain the temperature and humidity in the room — and one that can withstand the weight of your collection. Some of the best options include tile, stone, and the most thematic option: cork flooring.

Home theatre

Basements are the ideal location for home theatres due to the lack of light interference and isolation from the rest of the home, thereby minimizing potential disturbances. Your family movie nights will never be the same. Home Alone, anyone?

Best flooring for your basement home theatre: Carpet is the clear favourite for home theatre flooring because of its ability to absorb sound, thus reducing echoes and improving acoustics.

Basements are the ideal location for home theatres due to the lack of light interference and isolation from the rest of the home.

Home office

Need a quiet, distraction-free space to take calls and put your head down and work? You won’t find a better option than creating a home office in your basement.

Best flooring for your basement home office: Vinyl, laminate, and engineered hardwood are all suitable for basement home offices since they’re generally scratch-resistant and have a protective “wear” layer that will minimize wear and tear. So, you won’t have to worry about those rolling office chairs. If you prefer more of a cozy feel and aren’t as worried about moisture, carpet is another popular choice.

Home gym

Finally ready to follow through on that New Year’s resolution? Instead of purchasing a gym membership, turn your basement into a home gym for all your fitness needs.

Best flooring for your basement home gym: Softer surfaces that offer cushioning and shock absorption like rubber flooring, foam tiles, cork flooring, and carpet are usually most conducive to basement home gyms, though vinyl flooring might be more of a practical choice, especially in multipurpose spaces.

The best flooring for basements

Choosing the best flooring for your basement will ultimately depend on how you intend to use the space. But since basements are below-grade, inherently colder, and susceptible to leaks and flooding, some of the main factors to consider include:

  • Comfort/warmth
  • Moisture resistance
  • Durability

This is one of the reasons why hardwood flooring isn’t typically recommended for basements, as it will be more prone to warping and mold growth due to water damage, and why you should consider installing a well-insulated subfloor over the concrete.

Fortunately, there are a number of water-resistant or fully waterproof floors that can actually emulate the look of hardwood, such as vinyl flooring, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile. These will be among the best flooring options for basements with water problems. Engineered hardwood and laminate flooring could also work above a vapor barrier and/or subfloor.

If you have a relatively dry basement, then carpet is a great option for comfort, warmth, and sound absorption. Consider low-pile, carpet tiles as they’re easier to dry out when exposed to water and can be removed individually if there’s too much damage, so you won’t have to replace the entire floor.

The gift that keeps on giving

Make this holiday season truly special for you and your loved ones with the gift of a renovated basement, and enjoy the benefits for years to come.